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Cotton, Corn, & Other Grains


MPCI (multiple peril crop insurance) for most annual row crops is based on your average production for the last 10 years, as well as your share, and the price set by RMA at the beginning of the crop year.  Revenue protection will also cover market price fluctuations within the growing season.  Your fields will be divided into units, which will affect the cost: the smaller the unit, the higher the cost since there is a greater likelihood of losing crops on a smaller acreage.  For more info, click on the button below, or call us 

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Hail Insurance


While MPCI covers your crops for hail (among other naturally occurring events) most farmers need more coverage for hail, which can devastate your crop in a matter of minutes.  Be sure your crop is fully insured for your cost of production by adding hail coverage to every acre.  Rates vary by company, so call for a quote.  Normally, the cost is easily figured by the rate times the acres times the amount of coverage you will need. 

For example:

If the rate is $3.00 per $100 of coverage, and you have 100 acres, the cost will be $300 for $100 of coverage per acre, or $1200 if you would like to insure for $400 per acre.

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Pasture, Rangeland & Forage


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Dairy Margin Protection


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